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why choose get social with video?


Are your social media posts not getting the likes and comments they deserve?

You have a great product or service but you can’t quite communicate it on social media. You know you should be publishing videos regularly but it’s time consuming, overwhelming and you don’t understand the techniques and the platforms everyone else is using. And, let’s face it, you think they are all doing it so much better than you are. So, why put in the time when you get so little back in the form of likes or comments?

You need Get Social with Video

The point is that by turning up consistently on the right platform, with well planned, well put together video content that connects with your audience, you can generate those comments and likes and start building a community that will support you, share your messaging and ultimately buy from you. 

You need this course if…

  • Are you about to launch a business, or already are a small business owner, and social media is at the bottom of your to do list even though you know it will help you reach more customers?

  • Maybe you’ve been slogging away every evening trying to master social media but you’re not getting anywhere near the likes, follows and engagement you expected.

  • You lack the confidence and technical know-how to put yourself and your business out there on social media so your customers don’t really know who they are buying from.


What it is not…

Get Social with Video is not just another expensive course that just wants you to buy more products and services. It’s not worksheet after worksheet of dull and boring facts and figures that are just meaningless and difficult to relate to your own business. It’s not an outsourced service that won’t get get your tone of voice right or your business ethos and will turn out the same old thing to different people as you may find it you employ an agency to publish your social media.



The fundamentals

The first four video lessons help you to understand how to use your smartphone as a camera rather than a phone. You’ll learn the basic settings you need, and some really useful top tips for filming. We talk about how long a social media video should be and how to plan your first video.

The practicals

Here’s where we start putting some of the theory into practice. You’ll learn some techniques for talking in front of the camera! As well as our top ten tips for video and some advanced filming skills for those who want to go further. 


In these three videos we go through the three most useful pieces of equipment you can invest in to make your videos look as professional as possible – sound, lighting and tripods. But we also offer advice for anyone with zero budget, and provide a downloadable kit list with recommendations. 

The finishing touches

Lastly, we look at scripting, subtitling and publishing your videos to ensure they look their absolute best for your audience. 

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Get Social with Video is only available through the Udemy platform who often offer discounts and incentives, meaning you’ll almost definitely get it cheaper than it’s worth!





No equipment needed

All you need is your phone!

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